Comment from student with success on her volunteer

In class while learning the BodyTalk Fundamental techniques, the students have to work on a volunteer. Hphoto-betterhealth2ere is a note/comment/testimonial from a student in Athens. (The work of sharing BodyTalk is so rewarding and fulfilling to watch ones’ students create changes in people’s health.)

“”It was one of my practice sessions with a 45 year old friend/volunteer, under the supervision of my teacher Robyn. Scars came up as a priority and was linked to a very painful event (an active memory) , about which I had no idea: When she was 10 years old she was operated unexpectedly and she was about to die. Fortunately, she was able to survive but the scar on her belly took very long to heal and  it is still painful from time to time so she avoids touching it. After the active memory related to the event, the girl felt relieved and she was able to touch her scar.

In another practice session on the same friend, the lymph system came up and I worked on it. The girl went to the toilet many times and the next day her ankles (which had been swollen for months) were not swollen anymore.”” Katerina, Athens


Did You Know???

We pass along the Cortices techniques to everyone for FREE… Did you know, once you learn it (5 minutes) and use it (1 minute every time you do it), that it turns on/makes aware/balances/ and organizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Many 911 responders are using it for bringing people out of shock and emergency nurses are using it for ‘coma’ patients.

BodyTalk techniques- useful anyplace, anytime.

BodyTalk techniques- useful anyplace, anytime.

YOU can use it before:  you exercise, have a massage,  study for a test,  take a test… and a thousand of other times when you need to be your most aware/competent/focused self.

Great for stress release and better sleep. In today’s stressful world, it is a MAGNIFICENT natural health tool.

Go to —menu/video/Cortices and enjoy learning this profound USEFUL health tool. Plus, email Robyn with any questions.


More People Taking Health Back

Another BodyTalk Access seminar in June had people just like you and me learning how to take health back into their own hands.

Learn Cortices in ACCESS seminar-Greece

Imagine having tools at your disposal to take care of those daily emergencies that come up.  I’m talking about the headaches of your teenager, the sprained ankles of friends and family, the allergies and colds that more and more people are getting.

The techniques are easy to learn….. However, you MUST apply them in the daily 10 minute routine.

I know I use my Access routine daily, and when I use it on others, have stopped bleeding from cuts,  pain from bee stings, corrected back pains, helped with allergies, & recovery from surgeries ++++. It’s not ME that is doing this healing…. It’s the innate wisdom of our brilliant bodies. So learn how to tap into this amazing healing machine called “US“.


BodyTalk Access seminar graduates-Evdilos Ikaria,




ACCESS Graduates from Bulgaria

Don’t we live in an amazing time on earth? We are able to reach out to anyplace on earth and talk/ see/ learn on SKYPE!

I’ve just finished teaching the 6 hour ACCESS course to 4 lovely ladies in Bulgaria. We broke it up into ‘four’ 1 1/2 hour sessions over a 3 week period, as a few of them are mothers and also work. This gave them plenty of time to practice on themselves as well as each other before the next SKYPE session.

Getting close to graduation of the 6 hour ACCESS class.

Getting close to graduation of the 6 hour ACCESS class.

THINGS SAID DURING THE ACCESS CLASS: “My headache went away and I have a feeling of being more connected” Samantha

“We did the ‘fast-aid’ technique, for real, on my neck/upper back pain. While doing it another pain showed up from where I had an old injury in hip. Then the pain moved around from where it had been in my upper back to a different location and then ALL pain was gone.” Diana

” I tried the techniques we learned the first day of Cortices and Switching for stress release, and my clients said they felt more calm” Darina

For more info or signing up for an Access classes in your area of the world, or SKYPE session or ACCESS seminar…contact Robyn at




Love to have kids in m’ BodyTalk ACCESS seminars

“How cool is that, will you be able to use it?”,  I asked the class. The response from the kids is always so refreshing as they are so open and learn so quickly. “Yes’ I like the water therapy technique so that all my nutrients go in and the bad toxins come out”. Or somebody else noticed some condition gone from her toes after doing the BodyChemistry.

I’m a tricky teacher and many times will have the students be the teachers on each other as they do the techniques on me. It is so satisfying to have the kids catch me in all my purposefully  ‘wrong’ responses or hand holds. The gleam of knowing in their eyes is precious.

In today’s modern fast moving world, learning the self-help techniques of the one day BodyTalk Access class/seminar is not only greatly needed but is spreading across the world as it’s easy to learn and is having profound success with 60% of daily health issues

Can you imagine every child learning how to help and alleviate people’s headaches, stomach aches, sprained ankle pain, emergency situations like cuts, falls, bee stings.  They even can do the techniques on themselves for better focus and memory in school.

Thanks kids, YOU are my teachers.

10 year old practicing in BodyTalk ACCESS seminar- one day class that lasts a lifetime

10 year old practicing in BodyTalk ACCESS seminar- one day class that lasts a lifetime

10 year old doing BodyTalk Access routine on adult student.

10 year old doing BodyTalk Access routine on adult student.

10 year old doing Cortices on fellow student--Greece

10 year old doing Cortices on fellow student–Greece

Love when children learn ACCESS



Practicing a ‘theatre’ of how to use the FAST AID technique.

Had an ACCESS class on a little Greek island today. In ancient days, it was known as the ‘healing island’. Even today, it has been ‘rediscovered’ as one of the Blue Zones of longevity.


I love when people want to take health back into their own hands. It costs less money, more convenient, and easy to learn and use. And that’s what happens with the 5 techniques-one day seminar that lasts a lifetime. Lots of mothers, teachers, parents and paramedics attend.

My youngest student has been 8 and the oldest, 92. It’s been my experience that children are great at the ACCESS techniques and this last class was no exception.

For more info go to  (menu-videos-Cortices to learn how to switch on the blown circuits in the brain and have the brain become a clear communicator with the rest of your body… Just watch the results.

DSC09957       DSC09971


Easy to understand video and interview article on BodyTalk System

Now BodyTalk is in over 50 countries where people every day are having wonderful health challenge turn-a-rounds.

Check out this TV interview on Channel 2 News in Reno and see why this ‘whole healthcare’ system makes a difference….naturally.


Flashback Thurs. to 1st BodyTalkers in Greece

Take a look at a bit of history… These were the first ever BodyTalkers in Greece.

With practice, group meetings, and doing sessions on each other, not only do ‘you’ become healthier but you could have a new career.

Be ‘your’ Best Healthy Self




BodyTalk Access in Palm Desert USA

Access is the Intro class to the BodyTalk System

Access is the Intro class to the BodyTalk System

“Tell your friends that there is a natural way to help with 50-60% of your everyday health challenges,” says instructor Robyn Whatley-Kahn.. Use the Access natural healing techniques on yourself and those in your inner circle…. Plus, have tools at your disposal to help out in emergencies when everyone else may be standing around.

Clinical reported health challenge turn-a-rounds using just Access routine: 

** skin disease gone **sleep throughout the entire night **allergies gone  **better skin **weight loss **better grades in school **

Click here for testionials:

Write to Robyn at with your questions/comments etc.

Any age can benefit from BodyTalk and the BodyTalk Access class. Bet you can't find the 90 year olds.

Any age can benefit from BodyTalk and the BodyTalk Access class. Bet you can’t find the 90 year olds.

BodyTalk Access in Kifisia

It is always a pleasure to teach a one day BodyTalk “Access” class. The latest one was held in Kifisia, Greece. The five techniques are easy to learn and were the same 5 techniques that Dr. Veltheim, the founder of the BodyTalk system, used when he moved to a new country (Australia to America). Within the first 3 months, he had a 1 year waiting list… just from using these same 5 techniques.

If you want to take your own health back into ‘your’ hands, come to the next Access class. Be like these new graduates,  become an Access ‘technician’ and be able to work on yourself and those you love.

If you go to the official BodyTalk website, you might find a practitioner in your area. Just type in your country as BodyTalk is practiced in 42 countries.

Below are some of the students in the latest class practicing what they are learned. The one day class has plenty of time for practicing each of the 5 techniques as they are demonstrated by the instructor. ( Access work book, snacks and pen provided).

Sample of the Fast Aid techniques at work:

“One afternoon, Pete, a worker on a plumbing job of mine walks up with a bad 2” cut on his finger. After cleaning and bandaging his finger I performed Fast Aid on him as I had recently learned the technique from taking the BodyTalk Access Course. Before work the next morning, Pete walks right up to me and holds his un-bandaged finger up to my face and demanded “What did you do to me”. The cut looked like it was in the 4th or 5th day of healing. He said ,”I had no pain and no throbbing whatsoever and it’s almost completely healed”. Ten day’s later I took a look at his finger and there was no scar on his finger where the cut had been. “Sold on Fast Aid by BodyTalk”by David True
DSC06150 DSC06155 DSC06163

Easy to learn, the 5 ACCESS techniques, will give you a lifetime of techniques you will have for a lifetime to help with 60% of everyday health challenges.

Easy to learn, the 5 ACCESS techniques, will give you a lifetime of techniques you will have for a lifetime to help with 60% of everyday health challenges.