Pretend we’re on an elevator for 30 seconds…What is BodyTalk?

We have 30 seconds…. and you say to me, “What do you do?”.

I say “I’m humbled to be able to  participate and watch health challenge turn-a-rounds happen in front of me daily.”

BodyTalk---it works

The BodyTalk “Fast Aid” techniques is INVALUABLE..

Take your pick from my elevator  sound bytes……. Which peeks your interest??

1. BodyTalk is a totally safe health care system which balances the body/ mind back to optimum health. Orrrrr…

2. BodyTalk is many highly recognized healing methods in one all-encompassing system. Orrrr.

3. BodyTalk re-establishes communication within the body/mind complex, totally safe, bringing balance back to the body.  Orrrr.

4. BodyTalk assists the body to heal itself on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological and energic – for all ages and conditions.  Orrrr.

5. BodyTalk is a way to identify your priority problems and allow your body to heal itself. Orrrrrr.

6. BodyTalk is an exciting, revolutionary, safe and total health care system.  Orrrr…

7. BodyTalk is a unique system as it acknowledges the body’s ability to heal itself and to know what is best for itself. We have a system of asking and addressing the priority at that moment. Orrr…

8. BodyTalk aims to re-balance the different systems of the body, such as physical, emotional, psychological (and energic) using simple non-invasive techniques which enable self-healing to take place. Orrrr.

9. BodyTalk is an amazing system that uses your sub-conscious to balance your body, helping it to heal itself. Orrr.

10. BodyTalk is a very clever energy therapy that taps into your infinite wisdom to find out what issues need the attention of your body’s wonderful healing power.  Orrrr.

And now the elevator door opens and you are interested in finding out more about taking care of yourself with this great sounding technique….. BRAVO! contact us at and for sessions/classes/questions.

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