What is The BodyTalk System?



BodyTalk for the BodyMind

BodyTalk Techniqes work on the mental, physical and emotional levels

THE BODYTALK SYSTEM is one of the most exciting therapy modalities of the late 20th century. Dr John Veltheim has combined advanced yoga; advaitic philosophy; modern physics; the energy dynamics of acupuncture; the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and chiropractics as well as western medical expertise into a simple, non-invasive and fast treatment system and medical paradigm. The process identifies communication blocks and synchronises the body’s systems in order for natural healing to be re-established.
This occurs on emotional, mental, energetic and physical levels.

# The system can be used to clear viruses, parasites, allergies and toxins; improve digestion, breathing, circulation (lymph and blood), hydration, brain functioning, learning abilities, general health issues; balance chakras and meridians; relieve chronic fatigue, arthritis, headaches, back/other musculo-skeletal problems; disassociate negative beliefs and stored emotional trauma.

Refer to www.bodytalksystem.com
Click here for a short promo video of the one -day BodyTalk Access workshop

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