In Europe–In Athens—Doing a BodyTalk Access Class

To get to our Athens class for BodyTalk Access, we walked cobblestoned streets  past graffitied buildings hearing  the buzz of university students from Ukraine, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, etc.  Inside our classroom,  oriental zen type quiet and peace,…… Let the ACCESS to BodyTalk begin.

The group was taught  the 5 BodyTalk Access techniques  including Cortices, which founder, Dr. Veltheim, gives away to  empower as many people as possible around the world….The belief is that a balanced focused brain = better instructions/directions to the body.  Everyone felt so relaxed, calm and centered learning the “natural” self help health tools.

It’s so great as an instructor to see and feel the light  bulbs go off when students “get it”.  And of course, to read their testimonials from the sessions they start offering their friends and families…just great !

We are cutting edge… BodyTalk is cutting edge….because BodyTalk works.

Go to the official Int’l Bodytalk Association site : and learn to tap your cortices out for FREE.

Go to if you are interested in a holiday, health retreat on Ikaria, Greece

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