BodyTalk Clinically Successfully with:

The body’s “innate wisdom” (the inborn brilliance inside you), when given the chance to communicate properly with the techniques of the BodyTalk System, has been clinically shown to more rapidly retain and maintain optimum health.

Your SYMPTOMS are like the TIP OF THE ICEBURG……what “causes” the symptoms is the other 7/8ths.

Iceburg Your symptoms are just the “tip of the iceberg”. The “causes” are the other 7/8ths – BodyTalk does not “try” to just fix your symptoms, instead it checks all the functions of the body to see where the unresolved emotional, physical and chemical traumas are blocking your ability to complete the healing cycle. Once they are brought to resolution, you can automatically maintain a healthy and vital body.

The unlimited factors that ultimately cause our symptoms or disease can include: To name a few.….

  • physical trauma (e.g. car accidents, sports injuries, head injuries)
  • chemical trauma (e.g. ALLERGIES to cleaners, petrochemicals, insecticides, pesticides, pets, food)
  • emotional traumas that we can not process and release effectively (deaths of family or pets, child custody and divorce)
  • extreme fatigue, over exertion, over work, over whelmed (can go into switched state and lead to” binge” eating, shopping, drinking, drugs, sex)
  • incomplete healing of diseases (chronic fever, and lifetime of low energy )
  • incomplete immune response to pathogens (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi)
  • medications and drugs (including vaccines, contraceptive hormones, steroids, alcohol, cigarettes, general anesthetics, muscle relaxants and anti-depressants, aspirin, recreational drugs, cholesterol lowering medication)
  • surgery(many people are never the same after a surgery)
  • labor and birth difficulties (especially C sections)
  • exposure to artificial energy fields and electronic devices (cell phones, computers, TVs, VCRs, microwave ovens, high voltage electrical wires etc)
  • Dehydration--leads to skin problems, poor muscle tone, aging, poor circulation, weak immune system)
  • emotional overload (not able to process emotions by consciously communicating)

These “compromises” can prevent the correct functioning of the entire body and mind….(central nervous system, meridians and chakras, blood supply, immune system, organs, hormones, the cranio-sacral and musculo-skeletal systems leading to dysfunction, pain and disease, depression and stress.

The body’s innate wisdom, when given the chance to communicate properly with a BodyTalk session, has been clinically shown to retain and maintain optimum health.

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