Ikaria “the healing island” GREECE

When my husband and I moved to Ikaria,  (a 20 mile long island in the Aegean sea next to Samos and close to Turkey), we did so because it was fairly pure, no tourists, gorgeous waters, fresh air, no commerce and people still lived  with age old traditions. Two years later, you can imagine our surprise when PBS, CNN, National Geographic, scientists,  reporters, and satellite dishes were here as Ikaria had just been named the 5th “BLUE ZONE” in the world, according to Dan Buettner of Blue zone fame.  ” Blue zones” are where, due to a list of healthy lifestyle traits, many of the Ikarian people seem to live healthily for an impressive 100 years or more. So Ikaria was being talked about on  Oprah Winfrey, CNN, ABC, PBS and more.

Why?   Apparently it’s been found out!  In ancient days 3,000 years ago, Ikaria was a spa/health destination due to its (good) radio active springs on the south side of the island ( and it’s powerful wine written about in Homer’s Odyssey.

Now-a-days the older people, and I do mean older (they live to be in their 100’s remember….don’t wear watches, take naps daily, are close with family, community and religion, eat fresh grown food with no pesticides, know medicinal and food herbs (104 types of weeds), and have sex–this said by the 94 year old interviewed.

So I thought, why not invite people that are interested in a great relaxing vacation of dining on fresh great Mediterranean food, beaching, learning Greek dances, hiking and swimming in the mountain waterfall/ponds AND learning the Body|Talk Access techniques so one can go back home with lifelong “self help health tools” for yourself and loved ones.

Go to the link http://www.healthretreats-greece.com for more information.

or email the office:    robynwhatley.seminars@gmail.com

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