Access Graduates in Athens-Greece

This seems to be the way it happens… Various ages of people from all walks of life, take the one day  BodyTalk Access class, learn the 5 techniques and then have the “self help” health TOOLS for a LIFETIME. 

I never get tired of teaching BodyTalk as the students share with big eyes of disbelief that they just facilitated a major health turn-a-round. Like Angie, working on a friend with a painful knee that was scheduled for surgery.  After the first “practice ” of her BodyTalk Access routine, the friend said “my headache is gone”, and the knee pain was 70% or so better.  One more session a couple of days later and no knee pain.  He went to the doctor and NO KNEE SURGERY WAS NEEDED!!

Another call from a student/graduate from a Greek island, by using the “body chemistry techniq learned in the Access class, a herpes condition went away plus body growths.

Another student/graduate reported that she used the “fast-aid”techniqeu she had just learned the day before when whe had a bad fall down a flight of stairs.

BodyTalk will change the way you look at health….forever.

Check out to see who is close to you.  We’re in 42 countries now.

If interested in more info, sessions or a class, just call BT Instructor, Robyn Whatley-Kahn (30)22750-41337 or email to



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