Change your thoughts= change your world

Thoughts to Ponder(Change your thoughts change your world)

We have entered an energetic era in which we are redefining our understanding about our world and ourselves. I was lucky enough to be at an Annual BodyTalk Conference where Dr. Bruce Lipton, famed author, speaker and researcher, was the key note speaker. He was also given an entire day for his very interesting subject taken from his book, Biology of Belief.

After 20 years of research this expert in cell research prove that they are effected by negative and positive matter and thoughts, AND they communicate these messages to all of the other cells. Yes, the 60 trillion cells communicate!

If you are interested in this subject, also read Dr. M. Emoto’s book series, Hidden Messages From Water, which shows, in photograph form, the differences positive vs. negative words/thoughts make on water (our bodies are 70-80% water.). I think they are quite fascinating. Can you imagine young children being thoguth about this subject at an early age?

I usually ‘start’ my BodyTalk classes with the subject of perceptions and show some photos of things that can be looked at one way or perceived in yet another way.

It’s always funny to see how ‘rigid’ our perceptions are. AND “THAT” is how we perceive our world around us. When actually there can be many  totally different ways to think and perceive things. Your “inner thoughts” creates your “outer” reality. There are many sayings concerning… change your mind and you change your world… be the change you want to see in the world etc.

Through the revelations of quantum physics, we now know that our thoughts and emotions have “creative authority” within our cell tissues. Our perceptions, our beliefs, our basic thoughts effect our world at least as “we” PERCEIVE it.

Can you relate to this?  Sometimes we become “addicted” to seeing life in a particular way and we create the same experiences for ourselves. (Think work or family relationship situations that never change) … So instead of our bodies, minds and emotions healing from past experiences by letting go and allowing the “stuck” particle to become a moving wave of energy once again, we stay with the “fixed” thought/belief pattern. And you probably have heard, “What is the definition of insanity?…doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!”

So how do we “change” our thinking? One way is to develop a simple 15 minute a day practice of envisioning what you want in life. It’s a fun “imagine” game. (Some of you may have read the study done with a professional basketball team. Half the team practiced for 6 weeks actually throwing the ball into the basket. The other half, in the study, sat on the sidelines and “imagined” the ball going into the basket. The group “touching” the ball improved 17% and the group “thinking and envisioning” improved 16%)! So this is a technique that works and will enhance your ability to focus your energies, release stress and reprogram your (perhaps) stuck thought patterns. Hope this inspires someone. Let us know.

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