BodyTalk Access seminar-in Greece- Evdilos, Ikaria

1st graduating class in Ikaria Greece.

1st graduating class in Ikaria Greece.

ATTENTION: anyone in Evdilos and Raches area on the Greek island of Ikaria interested in health.

WHAT IS IT?  A seminar for the community leaders, teachers, mothers, and any other movers and shakers that want to take the health of their families and their selves back into their own hands. In this ACCESS class you will be taught 5 easy-to-learn techniques to help you and your family with 60-70% of daily health situations. Take health back into your own hands!

HOW? Learn the BodyTalk Access 5 profound techniques to last a life time in just 6 hours. Email:  or to register.

WHO CAN TAKE IT? Anyone age 8 to 92 (my oldest client to date).

WHAT CAN IT DO FOR ME?  You will learn a routine of health tools to take care of approx. 60-70% of everyday health situations that arise ie: cuts, bee stings, falls, focus, learning challenges, allergies, stress, and much more.


I have had students come back or call the next day and say that  the family members and friends they ‘practiced’ their newly learned BT Access techniques on had:   * headaches disappear,  *had knee become so healed the man did not have to have the scheduled surgery, *that a boy’s grades start improving that day according to the teacher, *the baby born with deflated lungs and mother hemorrhaging was helped with just the Cortices technique, *and that allergies have cleared.

We BodyTalk instructors (CBI’s) and practitioners (CBP’s) feel so fortunate to have BodyTalk in our lives. Come find out about a class. Get a BodyTalk session.

About 50% of my business is done remotely on clients that cannot leave their houses. So by Skype/ZOOM appointments, you may have a complete BodyTalk session.

Email me at  or —6980-827372 or  22750-41337 for info/class registration/session appointments

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