BodyTalk in peer reviewed Journal of Alternative Medicine Research

 As the BodyTalk system is in exponential growth, and we believe that something important about consciousness-consiousness interactions can be learned from this very modern system we have devoted this special issue of Journal of Alternative Medicine Research to the BodyTalk system

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Søren Ventegodt, MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc-CAM(Complentary Alternative Medicine) John Veltheim, DC, BAc, CBI,

SrCBI, CBI, ATI, BAT and Joav Merrick, MD, MMedSci, DMSc-Correspondence:

Søren Ventegodt, MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc-CAM, Director, Quality of Life Research Center, Frederiksberg Alle 13A, 2tv, DK-1661 Copenhagen V, Denmark. E-mail:
Quality of Life Research Centre, Copanhagen, Denmark, Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine and Nordic School of Holistic Medicine, Denmark, Scandinavian Foundtion for Holistic Medicine, Norway, Interuniversity College, Graz, Austria, Private Clinic, Sarasota, Florida, United States of America, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Office of the Medical Director, Division for Mental Retardation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel and Kentucky Children’s Hospital, University of Kentucky, Lexington, United States.
BodyTalk: Health care redefined
Alternative medicine has become mainstream (1) and many different systems exist. Mind-body medicine is a subtype, know to be effective and safe (2-6). The BodyTalk method is relatively new method of existential rehabilitation (7,8) in the classical European Hippocratic tradition of holistic medicine (9) now developing into evidence-based non-drug medicine (10-36). Mind-body medicine seems to be effective also on severe physical and mental diseases, chronic pains, sexual and existential problems and lots of other conditions where bio-medicine and drugs
have proven less helpful (35).
From this research during the last decades we have learned that mind-body medicine – which includes BodyTalk – can help a large fraction of people who have lost their quality of life, physical and mental health and general ability, including working/studying ability. `BodyTalk is practiced in accordance with the ethical rules for alternative medicine established by the International Society of Holistic Health in 2004 (37). The system has today more than 2,000 active practitioners and about 100,000 patients, making it one of the larger mind-body medicine systems, but
still not close to the largest system, homeopathy, which has about 1,000,000 practitioners and 500,000,000 patients.
In Europe all scientific knowledge on CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) has been collected and integrated into a Master of Science Program at the Interuniversity College, Castle of Seggau, Graz, Austria/ Forty (40) academic institutions throughout Europe have contributed to this project .
The five central healing principles of healing in CAM and holistic medicine are listed below: BodyTalk addresses all of these healing principles with the BodyTalk protocol of techniques.
The healing should be according to the principle of Salutogenesis, addressing the existential core of the patient, and not a part of him or her, whether this is the body, the mind,
the spirit/soul, or the gender and sexuality. Not even the health in symbolic significance is enough. When the patient heals holistically, both past and future is healing, the whole
personality heals and the person finds his true place in the universe, to be the constructive and valuable, responsible and participating individual he was meant to be.
The healing should take the patient back to the time when and where the damage was done, using the principle of similarity going all the way back to Hippocrates. In the Hippocratic
Corpus, the book titled On the Place of Things, which Regards to Man (in Jones, 1923), we find the significant sentence: “Disease is born of like things, and by the attack of like things
people are healed – vomiting ends though vomiting”; this is also the fundamental of homeopathy. So many things can harm the patient’s wholeness, and only by integrating
this, meeting it again in life or in therapy the patient can truly heal.
Hering’s Law of Cure states that in healing the patient will show all the symptoms that he showed on his route to the disease. When he heals the problems will surface coming from its
hidden places in the core of the body, the vital organs and the head (upper body). A disease will therefore leave the organism in a specific pattern that can be seen and understood and
accelerated by the physician or therapist.
The principle of minimal use of force is also known from Hippocrates – in latin “primum non nocere” – do no harm. Many patients prefer holistic healing methods to biomedical as the
use of force is much less in psychotherapy, bodywork, philosophical exercises, than in using drugs and surgery.
The most important principle in holistic medicine actually initiating the holistic healing is the principle of added resources. It is the Søren Ventegodt and Joav Merrick
250 adding of resources in present time in the therapy that allows the patient to go back in time into the traumatic event that originally damaged his existence and only in doing that
can the patient integrate the event and heal his existence. The reason for the necessity of going back and integrating the event is that what allow the trauma to be a trauma is the decisions
the patient took in the moment of the trauma. It is this modification of the patient’s consciousness and personal philosophy of life that is the real damage on the patient’s existence and when
the patient “let go” of the old negative and life-denying decisions, then the existential healing occurs.

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