Love when children learn ACCESS



Practicing a ‘theatre’ of how to use the FAST AID technique.

Had an ACCESS class on a little Greek island today. In ancient days, it was known as the ‘healing island’. Even today, it has been ‘rediscovered’ as one of the Blue Zones of longevity.


I love when people want to take health back into their own hands. It costs less money, more convenient, and easy to learn and use. And that’s what happens with the 5 techniques-one day seminar that lasts a lifetime. Lots of mothers, teachers, parents and paramedics attend.

My youngest student has been 8 and the oldest, 92. It’s been my experience that children are great at the ACCESS techniques and this last class was no exception.

For more info go to  (menu-videos-Cortices to learn how to switch on the blown circuits in the brain and have the brain become a clear communicator with the rest of your body… Just watch the results.

DSC09957       DSC09971


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