Comment from student using BodyTalk techniques on her volunteer

In class while learning the BodyTalk Fundamental techniques, the students have to work on a volunteer. Hphoto-betterhealth2ere is a note/comment/testimonial from a student in Athens. (The work of sharing BodyTalk is so rewarding and fulfilling to watch ones’ students create changes in people’s health.)

“”It was one of my practice sessions with a 45 year old friend/volunteer, under the supervision of my teacher Robyn. Scars came up as a priority and was linked to a very painful event (an active memory) , about which I had no idea: When she was 10 years old she was operated unexpectedly and she was about to die. Fortunately, she was able to survive but the scar on her belly took very long to heal and  it is still painful from time to time so she avoids touching it. After the active memory related to the event, the girl felt relieved and she was able to touch her scar.

In another practice session on the same friend, the lymph system came up and I worked on it. The girl went to the toilet many times and the next day her ankles (which had been swollen for months) were not swollen anymore.”” Katerina, Athens


One thought on “Comment from student using BodyTalk techniques on her volunteer

  1. Letting a loved one,
    after 30 years of happy marriage and two wonderful children, broke our marriage apart. At first I thought I’d lose the ground under my fetes and my heart would burst. I always thought my relationship was something special and I would fight for it, but I needed it very long to understand and realize that needed both of us . I have fallen into depression, panic attacks, and deepest sadness. The humiliation of my husband, with came out by his anger, makes me relay sad, Body talk has now accompanied me with Robin for 4 years and brought me to the point of becoming more positive feeling and future hope. We work a lot on Childhood trauma , anger and incomprehensibility.Time by time the wounds healed, became softer , and my self-confidence starts to risen again. I thank you Robin with all my heart, for the help you given to me, with Body Talk us a tool, at this difficult time in my live. Gabi

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