Love feeling useful

When I started learning the BodyTalk System 15 years ago, one of the first things I was struck with was the feeling of …. I don’t feel helpless any more. Have you ever felt that?

Do BodyTalk anyplace and help people

Meaning—if someone fell and was bleeding or unconscious, before BodyTalk I wouldn’t know what to do other than to call 911.  After BodyTalk,  I had a technique to pull them out of shock, stop the bleeding and bring them back. When someone fainted in the airport and was apparently having convulsions, I had a technique to again, help bring them quickly back to normal. (I could go on all day) and the last, when a person is coming down with that achy flu feeling, I have now know techniques to help the body to fight the flu away or if you caught it to late to have it only last 1-2 days instead of many days/week.

All of this and SO MUCH MORE can be accomplished when you/’one’ learns the 5 profound techniques offered in the BodyTalk ACCESS seminar.  You can do these techniques to any body and in any place. I’ve done the BodyTalk tapping techniques on people AND animals   BodyTalk anyplace to any body (130 lbs or not) in Morocco, Turkey,

Greece, America, Grand Cayman, England, Scotland and many more places helping with pain from operations, headaches, cramps, sprains, allergies+++ all because the body can heal itself when it has the priorities highlighted and the brain and heart tapped out for focus.







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