Six months of bladder infection—One BodyTalk session =

Ikaria Greece and Germany:

After about 6 month with a painful bladder infection, endless medical investigations, taking antibiotics for the 4th time without success, drinking tons of litres of herbal teas and also using all kind of botanicals, I finally visited Robyn and received a BodyTalk session from her.

I got very, very tired after the session, but not in an unpleasant way, and then 3 days after— I just felt that my bladder started to heal and that this nightmare was over and all would be back to normal very soon again.

How this is possible? I really can´t tell, but I did feel the change in my body and also knew that all is gonna be ok from now on. Thanks a lot to certified BodyTalk practitioner, Robyn, the BodyTalk techniques and her amazing talent of making ones’ body heal itself again naturally”. K G.

An apple a day (and BodyTalk techniques) help keep the doctor away

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