HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!! Make it a healthy one!

Last year was great with many people learning the easy yet profound techniques of BodyTalk. The ‘customized’  BodyTalk sessions help you to regain and maintain better health by finding the cause of your symptoms… sounds good right?  I’m in awe daily of the health issues that have turned around for my clients.

There have been new students this last year from Kuwait, Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, and the USA. People just like you and me that have heard of this natural system of taking care of our own health.


There are BodyTalk seminars happening all over the world (51 countries) with beginner up to advanced classes.Thinking of a new career or just want to ‘not feel helpless’ when health emergencies happen? Check in with Robyn at robynwhatley.seminars@gmail.com with your issues/questions/thoughts.

2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!! Make it a healthy one!

  1. Robyn gave me a treatment several years ago in Palm Desert, California, USA. I found the technique most intriguing as using your own body to heal itself is amazing. Robyn’s knowledge combined with her enthusiasm for the teachings of Body Talk make a dynamic combination in healing.

    • Thank you for writing in Patricia. and am so glad you took the BodyTalk Access class. I especially liked your two friends in the class that were 90 and 92 years old proving what I always say …that BodyTalk can be for everyone at ‘any’ age. Stay healthy.

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