More success with BT techniques–severe head pains and dizziness

BodyTalk Instructor Robyn Whatley-Kahn and Coordinator-Athens“””I came across BodyTalk several years ago and I am still amazed by the results of this system.
Recently, I have contacted Robyn for Skype sessions, since I started having pains and heatwaves across my head causing me nausea and dizziness.  (I even fainted on an airplane due to this).
I undertook all medical exams suggested by my doctor, but he couldn’t really find whats going on. Now, having done 4-5 BodyTalk sessions almost all head pains
and heatwaves are gone! I feel healthy and strong again after half a year of suffering these pains….
I feel so lucky to know Robyn and grateful for BodyTalk!””” Mara L (Athens)
BodyTalk gives you techniques to take care of your health

You can save money with the natural techniques of BodyTalk.

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