Flashback Thurs. to 1st BodyTalkers in Greece

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bxqkEwnh_A Take a look at a bit of history… These were the first ever BodyTalkers in Greece. With practice, group meetings, and doing sessions on each other, not only do ‘you’ become healthier but you could have a new career. Be ‘your’ Best Healthy Self      

BodyTalk Access in Palm Desert USA

“Tell your friends that there is a natural way to help with 50-60% of your everyday health challenges,” says instructor Robyn Whatley-Kahn.. Use the Access natural healing techniques on yourself and those in your inner circle…. Plus, have tools at your disposal to help out in emergencies when everyone else may be standing around. Clinical reported…

BodyTalk Access seminar-Mar 31st coming to Evdilos-Ikaria

ATTENTION: anyone in Evdilos and Raches area on the Greek island of Ikaria interested in health. WHAT IS IT?  A seminar for the community leaders, teachers, mothers, and any other movers and shakers that want to take the health of their families and their selves back into their own hands. 5 easy-to-learn techniques HOW? Learn…

What are you waiting for?? Health is in your hands

NATURAL SELF HEALING  It can be done.  This site’s purpose is to direct and educate  people that are “ready” to take their health back into their “own” hands. The possibilities are endless.

Waking up the brain and the “brain” of the Heart

According to the Heart Math Institute, the heart contains a brain in its own right? What do researchers mean when they talk about heart-brain interactions/communications? Why is it important to you? Researchers at the Institute of Heart Math and other organizations have shown that the human heart, in addition to its other functions, actually possesses…