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Robyn Whatley-Kahn (Certified Body Practitioner/Instructor) and Qi Gong Instructor 

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BodyTalk Instructor/Practitioner Robyn Whatley-Kahn

BodyTalk Instructor/Practitioner Robyn Whatley-Kahn Clinic ( 30)-6980-827372 and

This is my first word press, an interesting venue to share my passion of staying radiantly healthy naturally and helping others to be their Best Healthy Self as well. There will be information on BodyTalk, sessions, classes, and health retreats on the  island of longevity, Ikaria, Greece, where I live. You see I’m`a retired, yet still a kickinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg, woman/mom/wife/yaya (grandmom) and teacher.   (30) 6980-827372)

About Robyn:

What am I passionate about??  The  health and well being  of my family and self,  fairness, singing, my grandchildrens’ smiles, sharing fireplace nights with m’man, heart to hearts with my girlfriends, childrens’ laughter, Haagen-dazs coffeee ice cream, sunset time, Salsa/Tango dance, moon glow, photography of “nature art”,  people with new inventive ideas,  sun and breeze on my body, waking up to birds singing and BodyTalk.

Favorite Saying:  Shirley MacClaine said it all… You get the best fruit when you go out on a limb…. I’ve been dining on fruit for quite a while…..

TWO Careers:  I sang professionally for almost two decades with legendary Dean Martin and the Golddiggers, and now for the past 16 years,  I’ve been focused on BodyTalk as an  Int’l Instructor for BodyTalk, the most exciting “self help health techniques”  being taught…  ( Yes, there are many stories about “that” transition).  How I found BodyTalk is an interesting story… I had a nurse mother and a musician father with major health challenges. So that equals, by genetics and observation, me successfully combining 2 very rewarding and exciting careers. I sang as part of the Dean Martin Golddiggers for over a decade and entered the holistic health field in 1981 as a holistic practitioner.  It’s all been a fascinating journey….. Stand tuned for some clues to a healthy self.

Alternative Healing Field:  Robyn Whatley-Kahn Certified as:

**  Touch for Health Instructor /Practitioner (trained by founder Dr. John Thie),
**  Massage Certification from IPSB in Los Angeles,
** Usui Reiki Master Teacher ( trained in Kapaa H.I.)

**BodyTalk Instructor/Practitioner
** Qi Gong Instructor
Along the way
I’ve  studied and taught many diverse styles of fitness-movement:  hula, dance-martial arts-motion, water aerobics, Positive Pregnancy Fitness, and Therapeutic Medical Qi Gong.

MUSIC Field:

**Wrote/recorded/produced award winning “positive” lullaby album, Skyes Lullabies, 

**Sang as the opening act  for Dean Martin with the Golddiggers for 12 years, This led to traveling and performing with legendary entertainment legends such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Mike Douglas, Wayne Newton Shelly Winters, Milton Berle, George Burns, Red Skeleton, Ernest Borgnine etc. Many of them were my  “alternative health” clients and experienced my “healthful hints” sessions leading to a business flourishing with these contacts as referrals in the Hollywood system… A few years later while living in Greece, I was paid with a leg of lamb for a session. So the spectrum of my careers has been broad , diverse and constantly delightful!

BodyTalk…. There’s a lot to it…. Health Challenge Turn-a-Rounds galore!!!  Every day  I witness miraculous health challenge turn-a-rounds and am in awe of the healing ability of the human body. #1 principal is that BodyTalk honors the Innate Wisdom of the body… Hello, what else KNOWs what’s going on…

My admiration of BodyTalk was instantaneous from the start of  Module 1. (I’ve now completed Module 1-9, taken Advance courses, BreakThrough 1 & 2 and Mindscape, and am presently studying the Parama college level classes.) Also, I am a qualified instructor of BT ACCESS, Module 1 & 2 and Advanced Module 1 & 2.

Would love to hear from you with YOUR story of how you found BodyTalk–How this site has helped you–Testimonials of you, your friends, your community–How you would like to be involved in spreading the self  healing BodyTalk Access class to your corner of the globe.

We’re here for sessions, seminars, moral and teaching support,  growth (yours and ours) and for the goal of spreading these easy to learn and use, “Self  Help Health techniques.

Greece:   (30) 6980-827372) –Come to Ikaria “land of longevity” June and September

Facebook: –Official BodyTalk website-videos, listings of seminars and practitioners near you. (42 countries 8 languages)


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