Great new 6 min. video explaining BodyTalk

One of my associates has created this video to explain BodyTalk and how it works.  Beautifully done! Please share!         5 Min Video WHAT Is BODYTALK?     For any questions just email me at  

One day Bodytalk Access Seminar-photos of happy students

Come join us, regular people like you, and learn how to tap into the body’s natural healing.                             Have fun, learn profound techniques and witness personality turn-a-rounds  

Did You Know???

We pass along the Cortices techniques to everyone for FREE… Did you know, once you learn it (5 minutes) and use it (1 minute every time you do it), that it turns on/makes aware/balances/ and organizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Many 911 responders are using it for bringing people out of…

More People Taking Health Back

Another BodyTalk Access seminar in June had people just like you and me learning how to take health back into their own hands. Imagine having tools at your disposal to take care of those daily emergencies that come up.  I’m talking about the headaches of your teenager, the sprained ankles of friends and family, the…

Love when children learn ACCESS

  Had an ACCESS class on a little Greek island today. In ancient days, it was known as the ‘healing island’. Even today, it has been ‘rediscovered’ as one of the Blue Zones of longevity.   I love when people want to take health back into their own hands. It costs less money, more convenient,…