Great new 6 min. video explaining BodyTalk

One of my associates has created this video to explain BodyTalk and how it works.  Beautifully done! Please share!         5 Min Video WHAT Is BODYTALK?     For any questions just email me at  

Easy to understand video and interview article on BodyTalk System

Now BodyTalk is in over 50 countries where people every day are having wonderful health challenge turn-a-rounds. Check out this TV interview on Channel 2 News in Reno and see why this ‘whole healthcare’ system makes a difference….naturally.  

Waking up the brain and the “brain” of the Heart

According to the Heart Math Institute, the heart contains a brain in its own right? What do researchers mean when they talk about heart-brain interactions/communications? Why is it important to you? Researchers at the Institute of Heart Math and other organizations have shown that the human heart, in addition to its other functions, actually possesses…