One day Bodytalk Access Seminar-photos of happy students

Come join us, regular people like you, and learn how to tap into the body’s natural healing.                             Have fun, learn profound techniques and witness personality turn-a-rounds  

More People Taking Health Back

Another BodyTalk Access seminar in June had people just like you and me learning how to take health back into their own hands. Imagine having tools at your disposal to take care of those daily emergencies that come up.  I’m talking about the headaches of your teenager, the sprained ankles of friends and family, the…

Easy to understand video and interview article on BodyTalk System

Now BodyTalk is in over 50 countries where people every day are having wonderful health challenge turn-a-rounds. Check out this TV interview on Channel 2 News in Reno and see why this ‘whole healthcare’ system makes a difference….naturally.  

BodyTalk Access in Kifisia

It is always a pleasure to teach a one day BodyTalk “Access” class. The latest one was held in Kifisia, Greece. The five techniques are easy to learn and were the same 5 techniques that Dr. Veltheim, the founder of the BodyTalk system, used when he moved to a new country (Australia to America). Within…

Best 4 minute YOUTUBE of “overview” of BodyTalk-Take your health back!!

Its time for everyone to know that there is a therapy –BodyTalk, Healthcare designed by your body-–that is creating amazing health turn-a-rounds in the world. Check it out… These 4 minutes might save someone in your inner circle. —go to for a practitioner near you. If you are in Greece call Robyn Whatley-Kahn at…

What are you waiting for?? Health is in your hands

NATURAL SELF HEALING  It can be done.  This site’s purpose is to direct and educate  people that are “ready” to take their health back into their “own” hands. The possibilities are endless.