What does the girl who stopped taking pharmaceuticals for her thyroid–a child covered with exema, a bent over person suffering from a pulled back muscle, a suicidal woman, a panic attack stricken woman and a person on crunches for a newly sprained ankle have in common????? They all were  back to normal after one simple BodyTalk session!   Try it out today… robynwhatleykahn.seminars@gmail.com


  •              “CLIENTS” experiencing Robyn’s  BT sessions.

  • Anxiety Attacks:***  “I had suffered for years with anxiety attacks and would be hospitalized for days. I  had medication with me at all times just in case of an onslaught of another attack.  One day I felt one coming on. I literally ran to Robyn as I had heard of her successes with BodyTalk on people I knew and she did an amazing BodyTalk session on me.”  The anxiety attack didn’t happen and I’m been free of them for over a year and a half.”  K .  Parker, Cayman Islands
  • Brain Damage/Seizures:***(After one session of BodyTalk with child Gemma, (severe brain damage, blind, paralyzed after severe epileptic seizure, pupils dilated as large as cornea from drugs to prevent additional seizures.. had not been to her school for brain damage, autistic and cerebral palsy students in months), a letter was hand delivered to me while teaching in Scotland,  “It was great to meet you Robyn, Truly inspiring! Thank you for visiting Gemma at her home and for donating BodyTalk sessions to our children at school. Gemma came to school today (DAY AFTER BT SESSION) and was amazing.  She looked happy and relaxed (she has been off school “for months”s with a lot of pain). Well done with all your BodyTalk work.”  June, Head of Department
  • Vaginal Cyst:***“After the first BodyTalk session, the stinging from a vaginal cyst after childbirth that had me crying and not able to go to the bathroom, was gone! The whole cyst was gone following the 2nd BodyTalk session with Robyn three days later. ( this was after 3 weeks of antibiotics from my Doctor who told me “we”ll have to cut it out because the antibiotics have not worked:) Thank you Robyn and the BodyTalk system.” E. Corryer, Grand Cayman Island
  • Allergies:*** (A letter received) “I didn’t want to say anything and I wanted to be sure first but…. Guess What? All of my allergies are gone!!! Hello….. GONE!!. I tested it with a little KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) baked beans and no reaction so I went again the next night….(making up for lost time) My throat is fine it is not closing up or swelling, no anapheletic shock like many times before. And I’m not breaking out in rashes so then I tried tomatoes no reaction, eggs …. no reaction, red dye #40 no reaction….mushrooms… nothing! So you know I am eating up a storm and making up for lost time. Thank you soooooooooooo much, I’m bragging to everyone. So Robyn, you definitely need come back!!!!”  Tonya Mitchell-(Cayman Islands, Caribbean)
  • Emotional Change of Life:***My mum had a whole BodyTalk session on her and her whole emotional system  has changed! All these changes for a better life thanks to BodyTalk!!! She used to be a very joyful person but for some reason she ended up with no mood to laugh or have fun in the normal life. After the session, she  has “found herself”, the happy person we know and love and all my family appreciates  this, you and BodyTalk.… Mara, (Athens, Greece)
  •                                   DISTANT REMOTE SESSIONS: (done on SKYPE for those unable to come to the clinic)

  • Eczema: I found Robyn on the internet and signed up for her BodyTalk “ACCESS’ seminar. I had 2 BodyTalk sessions with her on SKYPE and practiced on myself the natural techniques that I learned in her seminar.  My eczema was a dark red on the tops of both hand and one foot. The burning and stiffness was so severe that I had to spray water once per minute. Five (5) days later my hands are back to normal. This was after doctors treatment for 2 months. Khalid (Kuwait)
  •  12-14 times a night for urinary bathroom needs*** I called you for my eyes as I was due to have surgery. You asked what else was presenting itself. I told you of my need to relieve myself from 12-14 times a night. ou didn the session and told me to call back in 2-3 days. I had gone to the eye doctor and he noticed a change. You said anything else and I remembered since the session….I only have been getting up 2-3 times a night! Thank you. Martis-Athens
  • Panic Attacks when in enclosed areas (cars, boats, planes) ***thank you Robyn for saving my life. I had to take a 7 hour boat ride and then a 9 hour bus ride. I normally could not do this due to having severe panic attacks. I made the trip thanks to you. You dedicated your  time several times during that journey. Thank you so much.  Anna–Switzerland
  • Back and headache pain and for spouse shoulder pain***As far as “iiiiinntaresting” things to report that have occurred since our last session:  No headaches/backaches this past week for me and Penny’s arm is much better… based on my understanding around 90%.  Elias NY, USA
  •                                                                     Random Cases from Ikaria,  Greece
***Thyroid Medication ended*** Teenager having taken medication for a thyroid problem for 9 years, after 2 sessions went off the medication, doctor tested and the numbers were perfect.
***120 pound dog, Luna, Surgery***I was at house of friends whose dog had just had a ’25’ pound tumor taken out of her.  While doing the session, a techniques having to do with me needing to touch the scar… I was thinking how am I going to roll this huge dog over….. at that moment she rolled over and presented her entire underside where her 45 stiches were. The innate wisdom is amazing.
*** Motorcycle accident – Shoulder/collar bone broken*** After bad motorcycle accident, man was depressed, had very little movement in neck and ROM (range of motion) of shoulder was at 30% of normal. After BT session, man reported feeling better in many ways. Could sleep laying down (had not been able to do this for weeks), more positive, better range of motion.
***Severe shooting back pain down leg:*** I was called over to house of bedridden man that had suffered with excruciating pains in back and leg for days.  After BT session, he rested for 30 minutes. I called to follow up next day and he was out in the garden digging pain free.
***Back totally out***Met at door by 40 year old woman bent over like a 90 year old (with back problems). After the BT session, walked out to the living room upright.  Husband thanked me for his 40 year “young” wife back.
***Child’s skin problems/eczema:*** child suffering from skin condition over arms legs, stomach neck for 2 years. Mother had been to doctor 2 times for antibiotics.  Nothing worked. Did one BT session and returned 2 days later for 2nd session.  Only rash left was little on the foot.
***Bee stings on tongue*** I, Robyn, was outside drinking a large cup of a blended health drink. I put it down and later when I went back, without looking in it I gulped a couple of sips…. Immediately I heard a buzzing from inside my mouth and had a burning searing pain on my tongue… There were 2 bees in the drink and I received 2 bee stings. Immediately I started doing the BodyTalk ACCESS fast-aid routine…. It immediately took the pain away and the tongue did not swell up …at all!

    “STUDENTS: of Robyn Whatley-Kahn’s  one day ACCESS class

BT uses super learning-(audio-visual-and practical techniques)

BT uses super learning-(audio-visual-and practical techniques)

  • *Arthritis*** “Arthritic joint (left thumb) felt significantly less painful with increased range of motion at end of 6 hour seminar.” Janis W. (Grand Cayman)

*Tonsillitis:*** also use Access whenever tonsillitis appears in my throat and I don’t have to use antibiotics anymore!    Mara, Athens, Greece

*Migraines: *** “From the very first day that  I did the Cortices technique on myself, I have no headaches or migraines as I used to have  for many years.  Now that I know the whole Access routine, even when I feel like I am going to have a headache,  I do the techniques and no pain occurs.” M. Tyler, Bahamas

                                       *Breathing*** ” I can breathe better after doing cortices” Ebonee W. (8yrs old)– British West Indies 

BodyTalk is a great career.... Helping people to turn around their lives

Graduate of Access class -Athens

Maria L--Athens---learning and experiencing BodyTalk Techniques

Concentration: ***Access helps my concentration as well. I had to study for my university exams and I couldn’t concentrate. I did Access and I read 100 pages in two hours! It was like a miracle for me as usually I needed a day to read so many pages. Mara, Athens, Greece

BodyTalk ACCESS Graduation Class Comments
“There were 54 of us in the ACCESS class and Robyn made sure that we each understood the techniques before going on… wonderful class.” Alice K. (Grand Cayman- Caribbean”

Anyone can learn the 5 natural health techniques that will last you a lifetime

Anyone can learn the 5 natural health techniques that will last you a lifetime

  •  “I have been having a lot of problems with my left shoulder and elbow for some time.. Now and right after the class, I am able to lift my hand over my head, which I could not do for about 4 months! Jessie P. (Grand Cayman)

Robyn taught the course as a professional and had everyone’s attention in the class for the full 6 hours. Great teacher!” Dale                                                                               (Grand Cayman)

I’m certainly glad I did it. It was interesting.. Robyn demonstrated a professional BodyTalk session on me at the end of the ACCESS class in front of the other students and relieved the pain in my lower back caused by a recent fall.. After the short session I could not feel the pain I had felt before. ” Cli M. (Ireland)

I give 5 out of 5 for the instructor’s knowledge and the material being presented in an organized and clear manner, the instructor being responsive to questions and comment and how the course developed my BodyTalk skills” Trevor J.  (Scotland)

“I liked the instructor’s ability to communicate, her sense of humor, and the time allowed for us to practice the techniques. Esther R. (Grand Cayman)

Than100_1846k you for making this incredible opportunity available!! I look forward to future courses” Teresa W. (Virginia, USA)

As a BodyTalk Instructor and Practitioner, I want to encourage everyone, lay person and health care professionals alike, to go to the official Int’l BodyTalk Assoc website (IBA)  www.bodytalksystem.com and check out the exciting breakthroughs that are happening, find a practitioner in your country,  check out a helpful video and see why  MD’s, ND’s, Acupuncturists, Chiropractic doctors, and  many other health care professionals  are now teaching  and using the BodyTalk System in over 51 countries

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  1. Am trying this out.. I have a wordpress website that I’m getting active again.
    On this link are some of the incredible things I get to witness with BodyTalk…good to see it’s really spreading through California as well as 41 other “countries”. I like it so much because it is not about me, “the healer/practitioner”..it is “only” about the true healer, our own individual inner wisdom. YEAaaaa to our brilliance! Someone wise once told me, if your body makes it, then your body can heal it… I’ve witnessed this.

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