YouTube BodyTalk Testimonials

Dr. Janet Galipo in 4 min overview of BodyTalk System – Dr. Galipo with 4 minute overview

Contact practitioner/Instructor Robyn Whatley Kahn at

Learn CORTICES technique from founder Dr. Veltheim – Dr. Veltheim with complete explanation of Cortices

headache gone! See how BodyTalk works. – Headache gone

Tony Award Winning Actor & his BT testimonial – “Tony Award” Winning Actor- performance ability

ACCESS Student practices and knee surgery got postponed  – Graduate of Access…Knee surgery delayed and cancelled

Anaphylactic shock…no more with BT techniques   – Megan- Anaphylactic Shock -handled with Cortices

Student falls on stairs, uses his BT knowledge and recovers— back injury -fall down stairs

Had flu wasn’t coming to class–got out of bed and… – Flu-

graduate of 3 day BT Fundamentals seminar & what they thoughtg   – Graduates of Fundamental 1 and 2

Contact practitioner/Instructor Robyn Whatley Kahn at



5 thoughts on “YouTube BodyTalk Testimonials

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone reading. Hopefully “this” will be the year that you will be able to take health “back” into your own hands “naturally”. Always believed that health is absolutely #1 before anything…. Some people believe love, or success is, what do you think?

    Maybe this will be the year for you to take a HEALTH RETREAT! What’s that…? Well, it’s a vacation on a beautiful island called since the ancient time, the island of healing. Ikaria, Greece. Go to and see if Ikaria calls you..

  2. Thank you and Happy New Year of 2012 to you too. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and I’ve been doing the Cortices (balancing my brain as you call it). I’ve been sleeping better, feel calmer, and seem to be much less stressed.Here in Greece, THAT, is very desired with all that is going on with our country. I’ve also got my children involved for help with their studying (just like the Dr. Veltheim’s video suggests).

    Keep up the good work. I’m ready now for a personal session. I’ll email you.

  3. Thanks for writing Ourania. I have lots of friends and family and people who run into my video channel on YouTube (Robyn’s BEST-HEALTHY-SELF99 YouTube Channel) doing their cortices as well.

    Sure wish 1/10th the people that get excited about the Super Bowl would put that energy into doing these simple natural techniques for one’s own health.

    Spread the news Ourania and again thanks for writing.

  4. It’s another brand new year here in Greece. Can’t believe it’s 2015!!! Where is the time flying to? Maybe it’s my age and things just seem to be going faster, or the fact that there are so many wonderful interesting things to learn and do. Don’t know, but I’m wishing you a safe, happy, new year filled with many thins fr you to really appreciate.

    Remember, this is the first and only day of the rest of your life… Make it a good one.

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