BT-ACCESS-class-IKARIA-6-2011-100_7073 I teach in person mostly in Greece, however using SKYPE I teach all over the world. There are 51 countries that have BodyTalk sessions and seminars offered, so you will be able to find a qualified practitioner near ou.

*****Call me on SKYPE at: Best Healthy Self or robyn-david and e-mail me at: 

For anyone interested in taking BodyTalk classes around the world or having a BodyTalk session, go to the BodyTalk official website,  click onto the seminar or practitioner or instructor in your area.

Any age can learn BodyTalk

Signing up for the BT ACCESS- one day-5 Techniques-Lifetime of Health Tools Seminar

You can then sign up and Registration for:

BodyTalk “Access” in Greece

BodyTalk “Access” class on weekly SKYPE calls

Registration for BodyTalk Fundamental 1 & 2

Registration for Advanced  Fundamentals 1 & 2


Remember,  BodyTalk is Whole Health Care


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