BodyTalk “Access” graduates from Athens

TAKE HEALTH BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!! More and more people are rebelling against drugs, surgery, and not being in charge of their own health.

Not so with people in 42 countries, who by “word of mouth,” found out about the BodyTalk ACCESS Class and it’s 5 techniques that can make profound changes in one’s pains, sleep, digestion, allergies, relationships and lots more.

Our Health and the  Health of our World-- is in "OUR" Hands

Our Health and the Health of our World– is in “OUR” Hands

I facilitate BodyTalk sessions on people who are ready to make a change, believe it can happen, and I witness lives turn-a-round. I also teach one day and four day BodyTalk classes.

E-mail me, BodyTalk Instructor Robyn Whatley-Kahn, at for more information on classes or schedule a customized BodyTalk session. *** If you are not in Greece, SKYPE/Telephone sessions can be arranged.

I just finished teaching another Access class in Greece and the students have testimonials immediately from either something that happened to them “IN” class or as soon as they went and tried their newly learned techniques on themselves, loved ones and neighbors at home.

If you want to say things like:

“I took my neighbors knee pain away and now he does not have to have the scheduled surgery”.

“My head ache went away with the practicing of the first technique called Cortices”

“I used the emergency technique called ‘Fast Aid’ on myself when I fell down the stairs. Instant pain relief.”

“My colicky baby calmed down and slept the night through.”

Then look into the fast growing natural consciousness based health system of BodyTalk.

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