ACCESS Graduates from Bulgaria

Don’t we live in an amazing time on earth? We are able to reach out to anyplace on earth and talk/ see/ learn on SKYPE of ZOOM!

I’ve just finished teaching the 6 hour ACCESS course to 4 lovely ladies in Bulgaria. We broke it up into ‘four’ 1 1/2 hour sessions over a 3 week period, as a few of them are mothers and also work. This gave them plenty of time to practice on themselves as well as each other before the next SKYPE/ZOOM session.

Getting close to graduation of the 6 hour ACCESS class.

Getting close to graduation of the 6 hour ACCESS class.

THINGS SAID DURING THE ACCESS CLASS: “My headache went away and I have a feeling of being more connected” Samantha

“We did the ‘fast-aid’ technique, for real, on my neck/upper back pain. While doing it another pain showed up from where I had an old injury in hip. Then the pain moved around from where it had been in my upper back to a different location and then ALL pain was gone.” Diana

” I tried the techniques we learned the first day of Cortices and Switching for stress release, and my clients said they felt more calm” Darina

For more info or signing up for an Access classes in your area of the world, or SKYPE/ZOOM session or ACCESS seminar…contact Robyn at or

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