BodyTalk Graduate of Module 1 and 2 making a difference

I will be happy to share 2 testimonials with you and all  the rest of the Body Talkers!!!!

Vasiliki, physiotherapist-Athens

sharing thanks for the BodyTalk techniquesS

Testimonial No 1 : I am a physio therapist and I teach in a private college in Athens. This semester I have to teach for six hours in a row to the same class, a very difficult subject called ‘Physical Modalities’.

It’s all about Physics, (pretty important but pretty boring stuff as well). After seeing its effect on my students (and on me to be honest!!!!), I decided to give my students the Cortices and the Switching technique learned in BT. So, just before we started( and just before the 4th hour), I asked them to do their Cortices and the Switching with me!!!!

Well, then they were more concentrated and eager to learn. (I know my students, they would be unwilling to focus and they wouldn’t participate cause they would find it boring, not challenging, cause they wouldn’t comprehend its importance. They still find it boring cause it’s really technical, but) …. After Cortices, they behave differently in the classroom, they actually participate, make questions, try to make the best out of it, try to actually comprehend its appliance into our therapy (Physiotherapy)……. I found that remarkable!!!!!”

Testimonial No 2: This incident happened in the college I teach as well. In one of the intermissions, I see one of my female students, bearly walking on her own, obviously being in pain. I run to her and I ask what is going on, so she tells me that she just got her period and she always gets this unbearable pain, both in her lower back and her belly… Makes sense.

So I offer to give her a BodtyTalk Access techniqued called, “Fast aid” Technique. The first time she could walk easily and felt much, much better. I repeated it 2 more times in the next two hours. By the time I had finished, she had this bright smile on her face, thanking me for helping her, cause she didn’t feel anything anymore!!!!! Thanx Body Talk!!!!”

Hope you’ll find my testimonials as interesting and remarkable as I have…. Hugs and kisses…..Vasiliki

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