Did You Know???

We pass along the Cortices techniques to everyone for FREE… Did you know, once you learn it (5 minutes) and use it (1 minute every time you do it), that it turns on/makes aware/balances/ and organizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Many 911 responders are using it for bringing people out of shock and emergency nurses are using it for ‘coma’ patients.

BodyTalk techniques- useful anyplace, anytime.

BodyTalk techniques- useful anyplace, anytime.

YOU can use it before:  you exercise, have a massage,  study for a test,  take a test… and a thousand of other times when you need to be your most aware/competent/focused self.

Great for stress release and better sleep. In today’s stressful world, it is a MAGNIFICENT natural health tool.

Go to www.bodytalksystem.com —menu/video/Cortices and enjoy learning this profound USEFUL health tool. Plus, email Robyn with any questions.  robynwhatley.seminars@gmail.com


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